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Euroports is an international specialist in maritime logistics. We are one of the largest bulk and breakbulk handling companies in the world, headquartered in Antwerp, present in 11 countries. For our customers, we transport over 65 million tonnes of essential goods every year.


What do we mean with essential goods?


Think about what’s on your breakfast table. The grains in your bread. The sugar in your coffee. The paper used for your napkin. Even the metal in your cutlery. It’s all indispensable in our daily life. And all that is brought to you at your breakfast table by our 2,700 colleagues.

Our vision


Most port operating companies focus on their local market. At Euroports, we are developing an international network of port infrastructure for bulk and breakbulk. We serve our customers through global trade routes. From Seville to Shanghai and back.


Together, 2,700 colleagues, we are one Euroports. Experts, dedicated and enthusiastic. This makes us a global leader in maritime logistics.


Do you want to contribute to that? We are always looking for talent. At Euroports, you can count on a professional and safe working environment, appropriate growth opportunities, and a job that matters.


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Our Values

Safety, our

We strive to create a work environment where employees, customers and communities feel safe and protected

Performance, our

We’re driven by a deep passion for performance and service excellence which is key to value creation

Respect for people, our

We recognize the unique value and contribution of each individual within our community

Integrity, our

We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions. We always act with honesty, ethics and transparency in all our interactions and decision making

Teamwork, our

We value the contribution of each team member and strive for open communication and cooperation at all levels

Our Presence

We bring essential goods to people, but our people are essential to us. That’s why we build a community

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