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Land van Waaslaan 5,
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    Frequently asked questions

    What would be the number one advice when applying within Euroports?

    Be curious and be prepared

    Do your research, learn about our sector, our company and our jobs. List the questions you have and bring them to the interview. We’re not only there to assess whether you could make a great fit to our team, an interview gives you the opportunity to check whether we are a great company for you. Take the opportunity to investigate this – in the end we want you to feel comfortable and happy in your new role, so better check upfront.

    I would like to work as a stevedore, can I apply within Euroports?

    That depends on the country you’re based in. In Belgium all stevedores are employed through a central agency/organisation and outsourced to companies such as Euroports. So for these type of roles you cannot apply directly within Euroports. In other countries (e.g. Finland, Germany,…) we have stevedores directly on our payroll. So do check your local legislation and reach out to us if applicable. Always happy to help should you have additional questions on this topic.

    Why opt for a career in maritime logistics?

    Maritime logistics is where basic essential business meets new evolutions.

    We do admit that we are not the most advanced sector when we talk about digitalization, automation and sustainability but are convinced that in the forthcoming years we will make huge steps towards a greener, more efficient and safer environment. Within our sector there is still space for pioneers on these domains to have a true impact in every role, every job, every responsibility. 

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